500AF ozone generator for laboratory

Specifications of 500AF ozone generator :

Model Name: 500AF

Case Size:240×280×120mm

Box Size:270×310×150mm

Power Supply: AC220V/AC110V

Power Consumption: <16W

Current : 65-75mA (AC 220V) /130-150mA (AC 110V)

Net Weight: 2.4kg

Ozone Output : 400mg/h

Internal Air Pump output:4-5L/min

Features of 500AF ozone generator :

1. 24 hour ON/OFF circular timer

2. Min. working time length is 1 minute; longest working time is 24 hours. It can be set by time unit of 1 minute.

3. It can be set by either one time working timer or recycle working timer.

4. It can work by air pump only ( ozone function can be closed individually )

5. High output air pump included.

6. Buy and use. No other equipment needed.

Applications of 500AF ozone generator :

• Drinking water purification

• Water pollutant purification

• Raise oxygen level in water

• Mold, mildew, coli and virus removal

• Deodorization

• Food preservation

• Sterilization and disinfection

• Insect prevention (cockroach, tick, housefly, mosquito)

Images of 500AF ozone generator: