OZX-35C Ionic Air Purifier

Ionic air purifier, the most effective solution for air purification and refreshing, is being used with great success for odor, dust and pollutant removals in homes, offices, motel rooms, basements, cars, boats.

This silent Ion Air Purifier with Dust Collection Plate uses advanced Ionic Breeze Technology.

A must have household item for families with small Children or Pets at home or for people who smoke or are sensitive to Allergies.

Included Accessories: AC220V with EU Plug

Specifications of OZX-35C Ionic Air Purifier: 

Model name: OZX-35C

Rated voltage: AC220V50HZ

Power consumption: 50W

CFM: 200-300 m³/h

Db: 32-45 db

Applicable area: 45-55 m²

Packing Dimension: 370 x 210 x 630mm

Weight: 5kg

Purification efficiency:

TVOC 97.1%

HCHO 96.2%

C6H6 95.7%

Microorganism 99.9%

Dust 99.9%

Pollen 99.9%


Features of OZX-35C Ionic Air Purifier :

1. It uses safe and high-effective LTC and PDP purification technology.

2. It is easy to take down filter net. The net can be clean and repeatedly used.

3. It is individualized design with 3 fan model.

4. It has Eco saving timer function.

5. Its simple fashion appearance can decorate your house.

Images of OZX-35C Ionic Air Purifier: