OZX-169 Car Air Purifier

OZX-169 Car Air Purifier has TIO2 photocatalyst, nano carbon adsorption, nano silver ion and HEPA filtration technology. It can adsorb dust particles, kill bacteria and decompose HCHO, C7H8 in room and car. Its high concentration VD oxygen generator can discharge 5,000,000O3/cm3 to eliminate harmful DPPH and enhance human immunity. And it also has plant essential oil function for refreshing and relief fatigue.

Specifications of OZX-169 Car Air Purifier :

Model Name: OZX-169

Anions: 5X106 icons/cm3

Case size: 190mmX125mmX68mm

Input Power: DC12V

Wattage: 6W

Net Weight: 0.6kg

Working condition: temperature 0~100°C & humidity <80%RH

Features of OZX-169 Car Air Purifier:

1. Compound air purification: TIO2 photocatalyst; nano carbon adsorption; nano silver ion; HEPA filtration; VD oxygen generator and plant essential oil function.
2. High-efficiency sterilization, dedusting and remove odor.
3. Simple fashion appearance.

Images of OZX-169 Car Air Purifier: