OZX-747 Ionic Air Purifier

Ionic air purifier, the most effective solution for air purification and refreshing, is being used with great success for odor, dust and pollutant removals in homes, offices, motel rooms, basements, cars, boats.

This silent Ion Air Purifier with Dust Collection Plate uses advanced Ionic Breeze Technology.

A must have household item for families with small Children or Pets at home or for people who smoke or are sensitive to Allergies.

Included Accessories: AC110V or AC220V to 12V DC Adaptor

Specifications of OZX-747 Ionic Air Purifier :

Model Name: OZX-747

Rated voltage: DC 12V

Power consumption: 6W

Ion output: Max 1,000,000/cm

Active Oxygen Output: less than 0.04 ppm

Dimension: 276 x160 x 150mm

Weight: 1300g

Applicable Area: up to 30 sqm

Features of OZX-747 Ionic Air Purifier:

High Performance for the Life of the Ionizer

Ever wonders why it feels so pleasant near a huge waterfall? That is because that air was rich with negative ions. The OZX-747 Ionic Air Purifier fills the room with negative ion levels similar to those near waterfalls; leaving the air with a rain-fresh, clean scent. The OZX-747 is MUCH MORE Powerful than the Ion Tower, Breeze Ball.

No Replacement Filters or other parts to Worry About

Unlike the traditional HEPA air purifiers, there is no filter inside the OZX-747 Ionic Air Purifier. The dust collection plates of OZX-747 Ionic Air Purifier absorb airborne dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander and cigarette smoke near around, eliminate particles as small as 0.01 micron which HEPA filters just cannot handle. They are washable and no need to replace.


OZX-747 Ionic Air Purifier does not use motor, no fan. It is virtually silent, so it will not even disturb you during sleep.

No Black Wall Effect

Traditional air ionizers were known to cause dark deposits of residue to stick to nearby walls. The metal dust collection plates prevent this from occurring.


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